InstaSub is a modern, easy-to-use platform that has everything you need to
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Absence Reporting

Forget calling administrators at odd hours to report absences. Do it quickly on your smartphone, andindicate the date and time of absence.

Absence Tracking

Get a bird’s eye view of your teachers’ absences. Know who’s absent and when; keep track of their history of absences, all in one place.

Substitute Job Notifications

Stop calling one substitute after another. Broadcast job details to all candidates via emails, SMS messages, and push notifications on apps.

Email/Mobile Confirmations

Receive quick job acceptance confirmation alerts from your substitutes via email and push notifications. Bye-bye manual calling!

Paperless Approvals

Ditch the paper. Manage everything – teachers’ leave requests, approvals, substitute hiring, and more – digitally, with a few button-clicks.

Preference Lists

Create multiple lists of favorite substitutes for different subjects, grades, or even to fill-in for specific teachers, based on their skills and work.

School Substitute List

Build and maintain your school’s list of qualified substitutes that you have approved, based on their performance and expertise.

Substitute Hours Tracking

Say goodbye to manual tracking of each substitute’s work. InstaSub automatically tracks the jobs accepted and hours worked by them.

Internal Class Coverage

Whether you want to assign a single class or all the classes of an absent teacher to another internal teacher, InstaSub lets you do it with ease.

Analytics Dashboard

Get a 360-degree view of your employees’ absences– fill rates, top absence reasons, absences by grade level/subject, pending time-off requests, and more.

Shared Calendar

Stop chasing after unavailable substitutes. Know which substitute is available, when, and for how long, using the shared calendar.

User-based Permissions

Grant your users access to only those features that matter to them. For instance, teachers apply for leaves, and only administrators can approve them.


Broadcast your announcements to specific groups – teachers, non-teaching staff, substitutes, or to everyone – via email, SMS, or notifications with ease.

24/7 Online & Mobile Access

You can log on to InstaSub, a cloud-based platform, using any browser-compatible device, including your smartphone, tablet, and computer, anytime.

iOS and Android Apps

Download our dedicated iOS and Android apps to use InstaSub whenever, wherever you want. InstaSub apps offer you maximum convenience.


Daily Absence Report

InstaSub collates absence data of different teachers and automatically generates daily reports on all absences to help administrators make better decisions.

Monthly Absence Report

Get comprehensive reports on all absences – filled and unfilled – across your school or district and the number of substitutes required for the month.

Payroll Report

InstaSub consolidates the attendance and absence data of teachers and also the jobs accepted by substitutes to calculate their wages and salaries.

Activity Report

Get a high-level overview of your staff’s absence activity – leave applications, approvals, rejections, updates, and everything else – over custom periods.

Absence Insights Report

InstaSub performs an in-depth analysis of your absence data to provide you actionable insights that can help you plan better and ensure better scheduling.

Internal Coverage Report

The intuitive and insightful report lets you know which of the classes were covered by your internal teachers during teacher absences

Leave Taken Report

Want to deep-dive into individual teacher’s absences? Leave Taken Report brings you the complete history of a teacher’s leaves over custom periods.

Jobs Worked Report

Track and monitor all the jobs accepted and fulfilled by each of your substitutes over a week, a month, or a custom period.

Notification Summary Report

Get detailed reports on all alerts and notifications sent to InstaSub’s users – leave approvals, job postings, job edits, canceled jobs, and everything else.

Audit Log Report

InstaSub brings unprecedented accountability to you. It records every user’s every activity – their sign-ins, sign-offs, jobs posted, jobs accepted, and more.

Substitute Availability Report

Plan for future absences by checking all your substitutes’ availability in advance, and take proactive steps to schedule available substitutes.

Employee Leave Balance Report

Know the precise leave balances of each of your employees by generating a detailed report in real-time, andmake informed leave approval decisions.


SMS Messages

Add another layer of responsiveness to the alerts and notifications you send your users with text messages to their phone numbers.


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