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School administration is hectic, labor-intensive, and challenging work.

The current substitute management software solutions lack the capabilities that schools need to tackle emerging challenges in a rapidly-evolving world. The fast-declining pool of substitutes, the last-minute teacher absences, and a booming gig economy have made it difficult for schools to find, engage, and schedule substitutes on-demand. Making things worse, parents’ average income continues to decline, tightening the already strained school budgets.

InstaSub offers cutting-edge substitute management software that drastically boosts school performance and productivity, while simultaneously reducing their expenses. Our solution allows schools to sharply cut down on their administrative work, schedule substitutes effortlessly, and work with the best substitutes available. InstaSub is designed to make every stakeholder – teacher, substitute, school administrator, and even the students – happier and more productive than ever.

InstaSub empowers schools to be more profitable, even as they deliver a superior learning experience to their students.


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Rafael Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Rafael is a serial entrepreneur (founded 2 companies), former Superintendent of Schools, and former Principal (of a Middle School and a High School). He brings with him 23 years of vast experience as a career specialist in K-12 educational institutions. He knows what American schools need to thrive in the 21st century and is determined to equip them with just the right resources.

When he’s not helping schools maximize their profitability, he enjoys reading, spending time with family, and traveling the world.

Mir Ahmad

Chief Product Officer

Mir is the engineering powerhouse behind InstaSub. He is a leader, programmer, analyst, and database administrator. In just over 10 years, he has utilized his skills and expertise in IT to rapidly scale up the corporate ladder and finally lead the DBA team at Macrosoft, Inc., before joining InstaSub. At InstaSub, Mir leads the development team and is responsible for the innovation, development, and maintenance of our software products.

When he’s not leading his team, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids.


They say necessity is the mother of all invention. InstaSub stands testament to the adage.

Rafael was an Assistant Principal at a prominent high school when he found himself stuck in a tedious and unproductive routine. Every morning, he’d wake up at 5:45AM, and begin calling substitutes to fill-in for absent teachers. Some days were worse than others. On some days, the activity would take 4-5 hours and leave him frustrated. Even then, some classes had to be merged due to last-minute absences.

He hated everything about this process – the lost hours, the inefficient system, and the fact that he had to call several unavailable substitutes before finding the right one. His biggest concern was that in all the administrative ruckus, students suffered. As someone in the eye of the storm, he understood the problem but could not find the solution.The substitute management systems available at the time lacked nifty features like SMS, push notifications, and mobile app management. He sought out to fix this, and that’s how InstaSub was born.

Rafael started working on InstaSub in 2014 with a singular goal – to simplify substitute management and save the schools countless hours’ worth of work, each year. To deliver on this vision, he bootstrapped his company, focused on development, and emphasized on the fulfillment of the schools’ needs. After all, he had a firsthand understanding of what they needed.

By 2015, he had a feature-rich substitute management system and an early set of customers eager to try it. The software worked like a charm – the schools loved it. The school administrators found the mobile functionalities and features remarkably useful and were able to save hundreds of hours of administrative work in just a year. Rafael already knew there was a need gap, but the overwhelming response only confirmed it.

Since then, InstaSub has witnessed meteoric growth and found encouragement from more schools, thanks to the word-of-mouth generated by the early adopters. Even today, the bulk of the new business we get is through referrals from our delighted clients.

Over the years, we’ve persistently upgraded InstaSub with new features, technologies, and functionalities to make it the most innovative substitute management solution for small to mid-sized schools and districts. We strongly believe that every student has the right to continuous learning, even when the regular teacher is absent, and we are determined to do our part to ensure it.


Be Customer-centric

It’s not enough that our customers get what they want. We strive to anticipate their needs and fulfill them even before they recognize them.

Deliver Excellence

A strong focus on continuous improvement and remote hiring allows us to bring in the best-in-class talent to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Improve Productivity

We empower schools to be more effective in ensuring students’ learning continuity while cutting down on their administrative costs.

Be Results-oriented

Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and delightfully useful. They don’t just sound great on paper but work precisely as advertised.