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Stop wasting countless hours on the phone trying to find a substitute. With InstaSub, find the substitutes you need fast......

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Subzz Features

Trusted By K-12 Schools & Districts Across The Country

From private schools to charters to school districts of all sizes,
InstaSub is making substitute management easy.

What can you do with InstaSub?

InstaSub Reduces Administrators’ Workloads, Streamlines and Automates Substitutes Scheduling.

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Easily Track Absences

Effortlessly track your employee absences. Know who’s absent and who’s subbing. Approve absences and view trends, all in one place.

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Save Time Calling Substitutes

Stop calling substitutes one at a time. InstaSub notifies your substitutes instantly via email, mobile app, or text message.

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Quickly Fill Jobs

Easily fill jobs in minutes. Our easy-to-use platform allows employees to enter absences and request substitutes in seconds.

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Simplify Payroll

Ditch the paper. Manage employee leave requests online and run payroll reports with a couple of clicks.

How does InstaSub work?

InstaSub Works With Minimum Intervention of the School Administrators

Step 1

The teacher or the administrator posts an absence from a computer or smart device.

Step 2

Substitutes are instantly broadcasted job details via email, push notification, or sms.

Step 3

Substitute accepts the job, and the school receives confirmation notification.

Why Teachers, Administrators & Substitutes Love InstaSub.

As former administrators, teachers, and substitutes, we experienced the struggle of the substitute management process first hand. Through intelligent, easy-to-use, and common-sense applications, InstaSub has revolutionized the process so you know you’re always covered.

No More Early Morning Phone Calls

Teacher absences used to leave you scrambling to find coverage. Those dreaded early-morning phone calls were unavoidable. Now, there’s InstaSub. Everything from recording absences to scheduling a substitute—no matter how last minute—is done with ease.

Automated Email & Mobile Alerts

Stop wasting your time going back and forth with teachers, subs, and other administrators. Through automated notifications that go directly to your phone, you’ll be able to keep every person in the loop with the touch of a button.

Total Control Via Easy Scheduling

Everything from recording absences to requesting a substitute is as simple as opening the InstaSub app on your computer or phone and hitting a few buttons. Now you stay in control of who is standing up in front of your students at all times.

Saves Time & Headaches

From 24/7 access to automated notifications to easy reporting and more, InstaSub makes the entire absence and substitute management process easy. Whether you run a small private school or a district-wide school system, manage everything from a single app.

Subzz Features

Substitute Management
Made Easy

  • Automated EmailPost Absences & Request Subs in Seconds
  • Push-Button SchedulingAutomated Email & Mobile Alerts
  • Real-Time ReportingReal-Time Absence Reporting & Tracking
  • 24/7 AccessEmployee & Substitute Logins
  • CustomizationNo More Spreadsheets Or Early Phone Calls
  • Customization24/7 Online & Mobile Access

Save Those Hours You
Used to Spend
Calling Subs

InstaSub has already saved administrators more than 1 million phone calls! No more early-morning calls. No more ineffective robocalling system. No more hours wasted.

Instead, fulfill your substitute needs in minutes from a single platform!

Save Time


Why Administrators, Teachers & Substitutes
Are Choosing InstaSub

InstaSub makes every aspect of the substitute management
process faster, simpler, and easier.

Start Managing Your Absences & Substitutes In Minutes All From a Single Platform

Join hundreds of K-12 Schools that already trust InstaSub for their
absence and substitute management

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